UC Davis Bioinformatics Courses

Extensive repository of bioinformatics courses that concentrate on many applicable topics including RNA-Seq, genome assembly, and microbial community analysis. Course Materials (Free) UC Davis Genome Center Event Registration (Prices vary)

Design COVID-19 Drugs Using FoldIt (University of Washington)

  Like computer games? Solving REAL scientific problems? Check out this article from Howard Hughes Medical Institute to learn how citizen scientists are using FoldIt from the Baker Lab (University of Washington) to solve protein folding puzzles relevant to SARS-CoV-2.

Video Collection for Practical Statistical Analysis (StatQuest)

An energetic video “playlists” for statistics fundamentals and machine learning.

Recommended Python Learning Resources Forum (Fast.ai Forum)

This is a wiki topic page featuring Python learning resources. Suggestions on this wiki page can be added by anyone and individual links have not been inspected by the creators of this web page.