The beginner’s guide to transmission electron microscopy (Dr. John Rodenburg)

Through an encompassing tutorial, Dr. Rodenburg provides an easy to read guide on the crucial aspects of transmission electron microscopy (TEM). This tutorial was designed for, but not limited to, students with no prior knowledge of TEM.

BioEM Core Self-Training

  Headed by the Biological Electron Microscope Facility, this evolving tutorial page includes many desirable resources such as virtual workshops, in-depth lectures, and informative procedures focusing on CryoEM.


Cryo EM has emerged as a powerful tool for high-resolution structure determination. To aid the training efforts of newcomers to the field, this site has a media-rich curriculum to augment users’ own hands-on training. The training material contains videos, animations, and interactive simulations that cover the major components of the cryo-EM workflow. 

2017 MRC LMB Cryo-EM Course

In 2017, the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK hosted a Cryo-EM course, which featured pioneers on the cutting edge of developing the latest methods in Cryo-EM single particle analysis. Watch Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard Henderson.

Video introduction to Cryo-EM

Here is a quick introduction video to single particle Cryo-EM produced by the LMB at the MRC.

Caltech: cryo-EM online course

CalTech Professor and cryo-EM pioneer, Grant Jensen, has created an excellent online introductory cryo-EM course.  Students rate this course very highly…”The best EM course available online.”