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Category: Electron Microscopy

BioEM Core Self-Training


Headed by the Biological Electron Microscope Facility, this evolving tutorial page includes many desirable resources such as virtual workshops, in-depth lectures, and informative procedures focusing on CryoEM.


Cryo EM has emerged as a powerful tool for high-resolution structure determination.
To aid the training efforts of newcomers to the field, this site has a media-rich curriculum to augment users’ own hands-on training. The training material contains videos, animations, and interactive simulations that cover the major components of the cryo-EM workflow. 

Caltech: cryo-EM online course

CalTech Professor and cryo-EM pioneer, Grant Jensen, has created an excellent online introductory cryo-EM course.  Students rate this course very highly…”The best EM course available online.”