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Markov Chain Monte Carlo Generalised Linear Mixed Models (MCMCglmm) Course Notes – Jarrod Hadfield

These course notes emphasize understanding the underlying structure of generalized linear mixed models including regression, ANOVA, animal models, threshold models, meta-analysis, MANCOVA and random regression.This course also aims to show how these models can be fitted in a Bayesian framework using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods in the MCMCglmm R package.

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PLS205: Experimental Design and Analysis


This course compiles the lectures, tutorials, and materials of PLS205 taught by Daniel Runcie and focuses on implementing analyses in R. The goal of this course is to introduce graduate students in the biological sciences to the fundamental concepts and introductory statistical methods necessary to plan, conduct, and interpret experiments. It will be most accessible to students who have taken an introductory stats course (like PLS120 or STA 100.) The material is grouped into weekly blocks consisting of two lectures (1.5 hours each), one lab (1 hour), and one homework.


Swirl Interactive R Tutorial


Learn R… in R! Swirl is an R package that takes an interactive approach to learning R. After installing swirl via RStudio (or just R works too!) and loading the package into your library, you are all set to begin!


EMBL-EBI Training Online


EMBL-EBI offers free online courses in bioinformatics to help novices become competent in processing large quantities of biological data. These tutorials are estimated to take 0.5-1 hour to complete and can be done at your own pace.


Seurat: R Toolkit for Single Cell Genomics (Satija Lab)


A guided analysis tutorial using the Seurat clustering workflow– featuring new computational methods for single-cell datasets. Implements QC and data filtration, calculation of high-variance genes, dimensional reduction, graph-based clustering and the identification of cluster markers.

Prism Academy (From Graph Pad)


Video tutorial collection providing guidance to using Prism for statistical analysis and graphing. Benefits: learn to choose appropriate statistical analysis for your data and create publication-quality graphs.

Pricing: Base classes are free with sign-up; additional courses for an additional fee


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